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Measurement System Analysis
Measurement System is the most important section in every industry. One cannot come to a logical conclusion if the measurement system is not authentic. It is very important for everyone to understand the principles of Measurement System that nothing in this world can be measured hundred percent accurately, there will be always some amount of error present. To understand this error and take a call as to whether you are willing to live with the same or not once has to understand the concepts of MSA. The eLearning program by us has been designed specially keeping in mind the significant importance of MSA.
There are many more eLearning programs available on our website which a professional should opt in for, like Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Statistical Process Control, Quality Management System, etc.

Features of Training program:
The training program shall have the following benefits specially designed for you:
1. Elaborated video based content for easy understanding of topics and details thereof.
2. Easily downloadable pdf contents
3. Scenario based examples of the area under study
4. Solved examples in video form to facilitate learning
5. Data used in videos can be easily downloaded for better understanding
6. Good exposure to Minitab for the relevant area, if applicable.
7. Tools, templates and examples can be easily downloaded for practice
8. Downloadable examples and case studies
9. Post closure assistance
10. Access to the bank of hundreds of questions for evaluation your knowledge

11. A doubt clearance session can be arranged by the student over video calls. (In select city, the same may be done in physical classrooms)
12. You will be given access to the AIG Blog which will help you to discuss your views with the industry experts
13. Online final exam to enable certification

P.S. – The access is time bound, for extension, there shall be a nominal fee applicable.
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